Thursday, February 3, 2011

Become a Craft Group Leader

You can become a Craft Group Leader too! Just go here to get started. I can help you out and mentor you along the way, just be sure to list me as your sponsor, so that we can both benefit from your sales.

Contact me if you have any questions:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Host a Craft Night!

When you host a craft night with your friends, you could get your kit for FREE! When you order 10 of the same kit, you get 1 free! Also, when you order through me, you will get preferred pricing. Just use the code "052Megan".

Contact me for more info:

I would love to come to your craft night, but it is not necessary. If you live too far, or would rather do it on your own, I can send you information about how to have a successful craft night.

Happy Crafting!

February Craft Group Night!

If you live near Raymond, come on out to the first Makia Craft Group Night on Feb 23rd at 7pm! We will be making the "lost socks" sign and the flowers.

If you want to join us, just leave me a comment here, or send me an email

New Adventures!

I love blogs. My husband laughs at how much I love blogs. Often I will start a conversation with "I saw on a blog that....," or "I found the cutest idea on a blog...." He finds this comical I guess. The reason I love blogs is because the internet is just too massive for me to find cool things on my own. I love browsing craft blogs a lot. They make me want to create things to beautify my home. I have a ton of bookmarked pages in my "to make" folder. I haven't made any of them. Ever. Last week I discovered Makia Creations.
I instantly fell in love.
They make craft kits that include everything you will need to complete the craft AND they are very reasonably priced. Cheap enough that I would even buy them - and that's sayin' something. I love the idea of having everything that you need in the kit. No lugging around 4 kids to several stores to pick up everything that I need! Genius!
After perusing their site I came across the option of becoming a Craft Group Leader. I knew that I had lots of friends that would be interested in this too, so I took the plunge. After working things out with them, I will be able to do this in Canada! I'm the first one in Canada! How exciting!
The only issue with being in Canada is shipping. They ship for free or orders over $150 in the U.S, but shipping to Canada costs them way more, so they will pay $25 toward any shipping to Canada on orders over $150. Because I only live an hour from the border, I'm going to ship to Sweetgrass and then pick it up. This will save a ton on shipping, but it will still cost a bit for driving costs and duty. For now, items will cost retail (instead of the preferred price that I can get) and then I will deduct from the craft for next month if duty costs are less than the difference.

Here are ways that you can enjoy Makia Creations:
1. Order items to do on your own through me and you will get preferred prices!
2. Host a craft night with your friends (10+) and get a free kit! (order through me for preferred prices)
3. Join my monthly craft group for a fun night out! (in Raymond, Alberta)
4. Become a Craft Group Leader and start your own business - let me help you get started!

You don't need to live close to me to order through me, you will need to just pay for shipping.

Get Crafting!